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Around the web: Comfortable buns

4 Aug

Want comfy buns? Then sit on comfy buns to make your buns comfy and give you comfortable buns. Oh my God I’m trapped in a recurring grammatical nightmare. Just sit down and shut up and eat your burger.

By Scot Devine.

Via the amazing…


Burgerotica: Dirty sexy burger munchie

4 Aug

Unlike here in Britain, I like to think that there are many countries around the world where hot girls like this only ever eat burgers in this way.

If you’re a girl who likes burgers, and feel that this kind of predictable sexualisation of women eating burgers needs balanced out, let me know. I can try to find some similar male images, or even volunteer to recreate this shoot myself. The latter option would of course require a charity donation.


By Scot Devine

Via the amazing…






New burger music video

4 Aug

UK burger joints take note

Stewie Griffin Burger

5 Jan

From plotting to kill his mother, Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin’s next move might be to murder your gut.

As part of his burger project, Charl. L.Ton has created a burger homage to the English-accented cartoon psycho-baby.

Reminds me of a recent project we did for a client, Just Eat. One of the GMTV presenters took a bit out of an uncooked one live on air – which gavew her a mouth of raw garlic. This would have made her breath smell like a tramps shoes, if his shoes were made out of 10 year old stilton.

The Stewie burger doesn’t look very tasty. Are those bananas for irises? And mouse droppings for pupils? Probably a better likeness than I could make, but I don’t think I’ll be eating this one any time soon.

Around the web: Drive-thru burger craving? Then pimp your stride.

20 Dec

So you wanna scarf a burger?

But you ain’t got a ride?

You’ve got a grab a piece of cardboard,

And pimp your stride.

Damn right!

X-hibit – hook these burger-craving homies up:

Around the web: Harley burger

19 Dec

Love bikes and burgers? Driving through not enough for ya? Then get a bike which doubles as your fave food.

Giving a whole new meaning to the Harley Fatboy, this calorie-laden trike looks like a whole lotta ‘bun’ (send all complaints here) to ride.