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Celebrity burgers: The Obama burger

16 Aug

Yes he can – here’s burger-mad Barry Obama signing a burger mat at Ted’s Bulletin restaurant yesterday in Washington DC. The Commander-in-Chief rocked up to the eatery to surprise a group of campaign volunteers.


There, he wolfed down a cheesburger, fries, salad and glass of water, before picking up everyone’s tab and adding a whopping 35% tip.Way to go, Baz.

You never here of ‘man of the people’ David Cameron even eating out, let alone scarfing ‘ordinary’ chow like fish and chips washed down with a Stella or two, do you? Maybe that’s because he’s on a strict diet of gulping his own smug farts. Maybe. Hmm.


Celebrity burger: Dean Martin burger

11 Aug

This discovery – on my fave new blog, Burger Sluts – has birthed a whole new category, celebrity burgers. Just amazing – I’m gonna have to try it this weekend.

By Scot Devine

Via the amazing…