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New burger music video

4 Aug

UK burger joints take note


Burger-wood video of the week: Falling Down

15 Dec

Would you like an uzi with that?

Michael Douglas cracks up in this classic scene from man-having-a-breakdown movie, Falling Down.

Rocking up to Whammy Burger, the tightly-wound character played by Douglas, ‘D-FENS’, has a sports bag jammed with guns, a head full of short circuits and a bellyful of hate.

Maybe all he needs is a good burger. Ah, a sweet-ass chomp into a sweet home Alabama bun, a juicy Lucy patty, and a wash-down of a throat-gasmic shake makes the world a brighter place, right?

Foolishly, instead of ordering a burger, dumb old D-FENS opts for the breakfast option – which, DUH, the burger joint isn’t even selling. And the fact that he can’t have it has him reaching for Doris’ and threatening the morning shift’s fryers with a mug-full of hot lead. Shame, guy.

If you’d only ordered the burger. It’s so easy. So, so easy.

Watch and witness the nitwitishness.

By Scot Devine

‘Burger-wood’ clip of the week: Pulp Fiction

24 Nov

Okeyly dokely Peggy Sue & Lash La Rue, here’s a new blog feature coming at you – like a panther wearing a VW neck chain and hi-tops.

Burger-wood is a weekly look at burgers in the movies, in the chiselled, manly – or alternavively, seductively feminine and curvy – shape of videos and trivia of celluloid, burger-related scenes.


This week, we’re sinking our teeth into the least famous of two burger scenes in Tarantino’s meaty classic, Pulp Fiction.

Set in faux-50s diner Jack Rabbit Slims, this tasty scene is famous for three key things:

  • The longer than a seriously long hot dog, Scorsese-inspired tracking shot following Vincent as he enters the eaterie
  • The mustard-hot, snappy dialogue scenes that were an early Tarantino hallmark (True Romance, Resevoir Dogs)
  • And THAT dance scene, where a smacked-up Vincent (John Travolta) and coked-up Mia (Uma Thurman) choose the twist over the mashed potato to scoop a dancing trophy in the diner’s footloose contest

The burger sounds and looks fantastic – “… a Durward Kirby burger, bloody as hell.” I would have screwed my scene up time after time just to bite that bad boy over and over. Anyway, here’s the scene. So light up a Red Apple, have a sip of your $5 shake,  sit back and enjoy.



In the scene, Mia Wallace, played by Thurman, orders a Durward Kirby burger, “bloody as hell.” You can see the rest of the menu here. But why the name?

Kirby was an American television host and announcer, who among other things (hosting Candid Camera, for instance) was spoofed in cartoon hit, Rocky and Bullwinkle.

And that particular cartoon is playing in Pulp’s Chris Walken/Butch pocket-watch-up-my-ass scene. So it’s thought that the burger is named as a reference/Easter egg to echo that scene. Tarantino loves his circular references and Easter eggs – and no name is seemingly without significance in his movies.


Jack Rabbit Slims, Pulp Fiction vs Peppermill, Las Vegas

Jack Rabbit Slims reminds me a little of Peppermill, in Las Vegas – in that they’re both diners that heavily evoke 50s America. The former is much better though – with its 50s celebrity looky-likies (Marilyn Monroe, Buddy Holly), slot car racing and hot rod cars-cum-dining booths. Would love to have something like this in London.

The latter’s burgers are pretty good, though the portions are typically American – ma-hu-ssive. They’re just a pit stop en-route to the Firelounge’s Firepit, a place with its own movie connection – Scorcese immortalised it in his Vegas gangster flick, Casino. Where the burger’s are ok, the cocktails are pretty good. Here, you’re in between  ‘Glitter Gulch’ – old Vegas – and the Strip, so you’re perfectly placed for food, cocktails, the weirdness of the old, and the freakiness of the new.Check it out if you visit.

Help me find Britain’s best burger

20 Nov

The search for Britain’s best burger is on, and I’d like you to help find it.

I’ve come to that sad conclusion after travelling extensively in the US earlier this year. On my return, I’ve eaten a burger every week, and been bitterly disappointed.

Certainly, Britain’s food scene has improved dramatically over the years, with a more and more restaurants earning Michelin star status. Surely there must be some places that are making tasty burgers out there?

Take it as read that I think Maccy Ds and BK offer shit patties. But gastropubs that do decent steaks get it wrong 90% of the time, too. they may claim to offer better meat and 100% beef, but they often serve up steak sized, overcooked and worst of all dry meat that, as experienced food critics might say, totally f***ing sucks.


Help me to help you to help me to help etc

I want your help to find the perfect burger, and name and shame those who make shitty ones. The mission of this blog is to help people find burger heaven, and avoid burger hell.

The success or failure of this blog depends on guest contributions so I would love to hear from anyone who wants to submit something. And, although it’s a search for the UK’s best offering, I’d like to invite any international perspectives, too. The more the merrier!


Your contributions

I’ll be looking for the following burger-related stuff:

  • Reviews of burgers you have eaten
  • Burger news (particularly strange and funny stuff)
  • Beer reviews – perfect beer for perfect burgers
  • Burger ads
  • Restarants and diners offering deals/money-off coupons for burgers
  • ‘Burger-rotica’ – either seductive shots of burgers or pictures of babes with burgers – ladies, if you want to contribute hot guys with burgers, please
  • ‘Burgerwood’ – patties in the movies scenes And more to come

Mail me if you’d like to submit a link, news item, opiniuon, essay, poem, picture, review or anything you feel would help Brits have a bang-on burger experience.

Here’s another pic of Padma Lakshmi seductively eating a burger for you to slather over.