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Burgerotica: Dirty sexy burger munchie

4 Aug

Unlike here in Britain, I like to think that there are many countries around the world where hot girls like this only ever eat burgers in this way.

If you’re a girl who likes burgers, and feel that this kind of predictable sexualisation of women eating burgers needs balanced out, let me know. I can try to find some similar male images, or even volunteer to recreate this shoot myself. The latter option would of course require a charity donation.


By Scot Devine

Via the amazing…







Help me find Britain’s best burger

20 Nov

The search for Britain’s best burger is on, and I’d like you to help find it.

I’ve come to that sad conclusion after travelling extensively in the US earlier this year. On my return, I’ve eaten a burger every week, and been bitterly disappointed.

Certainly, Britain’s food scene has improved dramatically over the years, with a more and more restaurants earning Michelin star status. Surely there must be some places that are making tasty burgers out there?

Take it as read that I think Maccy Ds and BK offer shit patties. But gastropubs that do decent steaks get it wrong 90% of the time, too. they may claim to offer better meat and 100% beef, but they often serve up steak sized, overcooked and worst of all dry meat that, as experienced food critics might say, totally f***ing sucks.


Help me to help you to help me to help etc

I want your help to find the perfect burger, and name and shame those who make shitty ones. The mission of this blog is to help people find burger heaven, and avoid burger hell.

The success or failure of this blog depends on guest contributions so I would love to hear from anyone who wants to submit something. And, although it’s a search for the UK’s best offering, I’d like to invite any international perspectives, too. The more the merrier!


Your contributions

I’ll be looking for the following burger-related stuff:

  • Reviews of burgers you have eaten
  • Burger news (particularly strange and funny stuff)
  • Beer reviews – perfect beer for perfect burgers
  • Burger ads
  • Restarants and diners offering deals/money-off coupons for burgers
  • ‘Burger-rotica’ – either seductive shots of burgers or pictures of babes with burgers – ladies, if you want to contribute hot guys with burgers, please
  • ‘Burgerwood’ – patties in the movies scenes And more to come

Mail me if you’d like to submit a link, news item, opiniuon, essay, poem, picture, review or anything you feel would help Brits have a bang-on burger experience.

Here’s another pic of Padma Lakshmi seductively eating a burger for you to slather over.