I’m Scot Devine, 30-something human.

I grew up in a small coastal town in heart attack capital of the world, west Scotland, lived in France for about a year, USA (Chicago) for about four months, and now reside in London, where I’ve lived for over a decade.

Since reading Yvon Choinard’s ‘Let me people go surfing’ , I’ve chosen burgers over steaks. They’re not my preferred choice of food, but I do love a tasty burger every week or so. I also love the dreams and nostalgic Americana evoked by the world of burgers and diners.

However, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that most burgers in Britain are awful. Particularly since I travelling extensively in the US in early 2010 (before heading through Central and South America) on sabbatical.

So I have started a search for Britain’s best burgers. I want to help people find burgers that they’ll love, and avoid ones that suck. This site will hopefully make that happen.

Submissions are always warmly welcomed. The blog will cover the following burger-related stuff:

  • Reviews of burgers you have eaten
  • Burger news (particularly strange and funny stuff)
  • Beer reviews – perfect beer for perfect burgers
  • Burger ads
  • Restarants and diners offering deals/money-off coupons for burgers
  • ‘Burger-rotica’ – either seductive shots of burgers or pictures of babes with burgers – ladies, if you want to contribute hot guys with burgers, please
  • ‘Burgerwood’ – patties in the movies scenes And more to come

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