The best burger in the world?

2 Feb

Well it should be America, and apparently it is, according to New Zealand’s Kiwi collection. And it’s in the achingly chic Standard Grill in New York.

You, more than anyone, know that I have a few guilty sins.  Okay, some of you know I have A LOT of guilty sins, but we don’t really have to share those here right now.  Moving on.  One of the sins that I do want to share with you though is Chef Dan Silverman’s Ranch Burger from The Standard Grill.

New Zealand’s Kiwi Collection just voted it one of the best burgers in the world today!  (Chef Dan is totally huge in New Zealand by the way, but that’s another story in itself.)

Served on a brioche bun with cheese, bacon (optional) and other toppings, this massive burger really doesn’t compare with anything else.  Its genius is in its simplicity.

You can get the burger in the Living Room at The Standard, New York.

Just look at it.


It oozes beauty, it’s a beautiful thing. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That’s it, I’m flying out today!

If anyone has sampled this bad boy, holler.


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