Burger news: New York’s finest burger

16 Dec

I work in the same office block as UK national newspaper, the Daily Telegraph. Here I dream about burgers all day and figure out new excuses for eating them.

Somewhat strangely it seems that, as I awoke from my latest pattie-laced reverie, rubbed my blinking eyes and chased the dream out of my sleepy head, I unconsciously gave birth to an amazing burger review.

Clearly, the dream left me, strolled down the corridor, subtly slid into the lift, pressed the 1st floor button, got out, and swum through the air into the Telegraph’s offices, finally settling into a sleeping Andrew Pettie’s sub conscious. This is where I lose track of the thing – who knows where it went hence?

However what I do know, is that the dream, a collective dream perhaps,  has helped Petrie help you and I by locating the best goddam burger in all of New York. You know what they say: if a burger can make it there, it can make it anywhere. What a lucky burger! And what a tasty burger, too, a must-eat taste treat.

A burger in an NYC eaterie, by Flickr user wallyg

Here’s what my fellow dreamer says about the thing:

“You can barely find a restaurant in Manhattan that doesn’t serve a decent hamburger (at least by British standards) so you’re certainly spoilt for choice. However the best burger in the city – at least according to locals – is served in a restaurant so small and tricky to find some tourists fail to locate even when armed with detailed directions and map. It’s called, simply, Burger Joint and it looks like any other friendly, rough-and-ready burger bar, seating about 25 people in a series of 1950s-style booths. The burgers are cheap ($6.89) and delicious and they ought to be: Burger Joint serves nothing else. The tricky thing is getting there: Burger Joint is located, or rather hidden, beneath the foyer of the swanky Le Parker Meridien Hotel (119 West 56th Street). Walk into its plush, marble-floored foyer and look for a large grey ceiling-to-floor curtain. Just to the left of the curtain you’ll see a gloomy corridor illuminated by a flashing neon burger sign. Follow the sign down a flight of stairs and you’ve reached beef patty nirvana. For details and the full Burger Joint menu go to: www.parkermeridien.com”

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get that burger.


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