Burger-wood video of the week: Falling Down

15 Dec

Would you like an uzi with that?

Michael Douglas cracks up in this classic scene from man-having-a-breakdown movie, Falling Down.

Rocking up to Whammy Burger, the tightly-wound character played by Douglas, ‘D-FENS’, has a sports bag jammed with guns, a head full of short circuits and a bellyful of hate.

Maybe all he needs is a good burger. Ah, a sweet-ass chomp into a sweet home Alabama bun, a juicy Lucy patty, and a wash-down of a throat-gasmic shake makes the world a brighter place, right?

Foolishly, instead of ordering a burger, dumb old D-FENS opts for the breakfast option – which, DUH, the burger joint isn’t even selling. And the fact that he can’t have it has him reaching for Doris’ and threatening the morning shift’s fryers with a mug-full of hot lead. Shame, guy.

If you’d only ordered the burger. It’s so easy. So, so easy.

Watch and witness the nitwitishness.

By Scot Devine


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