Video: Table cloth party trick

26 Nov

Helluva week.


Helluva week.

Last night all I wanted was a nice pint of Guiness, followed by a tasty burger, fries and beer.

Instead, I arrive at a company event (which was really good) and it’s all about champagne (not to be sniffed at, of course) and disturbingly  flavourless canapés (of course free food is always appreciated) in aprivate room – yay, we can party our asses off. Yet here’s the kicker – the room had no music.

A room without music!

Vibe-less, you have to start some shit to make your own entertainment. After threatening to floor the load of remaining canapes (the first time our company has left any remaining food, I think), people goad me into attempting something I have seen done but never tried in my life before: whipping the table cloth off whilst leaving everything else on the table.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” chant some, tribally.

“No, c’mon, don’t, don’t do it,” beg others.

Clasping their hands near their chins imploringly, waiters look on pleadingly.

I look at the crowd, the pleading waiters, then back to the nasty canapes. And then this happens.


Post by Scot Devine


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